Hello, so you're looking for information on how to go about booking a nude male life model for your next Life Drawing class, beit a large organised educational session or a one-to-one in a art studio.

Down to business then. There are many occassions when a nude model is required, from TV and theatre to medical teaching and anatomy. However the traditional requirement for a fully nude model is for a fine art life drawing, sculpture classes, sessions in a art studio or for people studying classical fine art or students undertaking Art & Design courses at schools and colleges.

There was a time a good few years, ago when artist life models were only ever used in artist studios behind closed & locked doors and shuttered windows. Things have thankfully moved on a good deal in our more enlightend times and now life drawing classes are a growing popular recreational art form enjoying good attendance by beginers and experienced artists, young and old alike. It's now easy to find advertised life drawing classes and sessions taking place in villages, towns and cities all over UK. Alas, what are not so easy to find are experienced, reliable, registerd, CRB checked life models with a professional attitude to life modelling that will enhance the life drawing experience to all taking part in the session and encourage a relaxed and comfortable studio environment whilst being totally at ease in their own skin with a good understanding of poses, shapes & negative space. Should you believe, as I do, that these attributes are of real importantance to the success of a life drawing session, please feel free to contact me to enquire about booking me as a male life model for your next class, session or gallery event.

I have been a nude life model with local colleges, education departments, schools and artists in and around the Oxford, Reading, Henley, Newbury, Thame and Windsor locations for a number of years. I am fortunate to have Ruskin School of Fine Art & Drawing and Oxford University Asmolean Museum Education department as regular clients for my life modelling services.

Not all life modelling sessions are classical fine art classes, there are also the lighthearted fun party occasions that I model for such as hen parties and birthday parties, an increasingly popular life drawing themed party event with a surprise twist. It's decent clean fun and anyone can join in from 18+ to Mother-in Law its even got a bit of basic art education thrown in.

Whatever event you may have in mind, where a fully nude male model is required, please don't be shy if it's a bit off-the-wall or unusual. It would be great to hear from you and receive your booking to be your nude model for your next session or class. Feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

I am available for bookings in Oxfordshire, West Berks, North Hants, South Bucks. Other areas by arrangement.

Email: art@malelifemodel.co.uk
Tel: 07734 790230